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Welcome to Atlantis Rising: The Virtual Series


Hello, readers and fans.   

Just a quick update to let you know that we are still working on our series, despite the delays.  All of these rather long stories take some time to craft, and I think what we've finally learned is that they are just going to be delayed a bit as we work to make them the best we can.  We hope you'll stick with us.

In the meanwhile, if you have any questions--from our favorite characters, to why the heck we created Mayel, to what stories we're looking forward to, etc, etc, jump over to the Author's Blog and ask, and we'll try and answer as best we can.  

We would also love to see more fanart, if fans are so inclined.  Share with us, if you'd like, and we'll put it up on the site.

Thanks--for both your patience and for reading!


Who Are We?

We are Atlantis Rising: The Virtual Series - a project to provide continuation to the world of the sci-fi television series Stargate: Atlantis.

After five years, the series came to an unfortunate and unexpected end, leaving many storylines unresolved for many of its loyal fans. Some of them have decided to do something about it! What we hope to provide you in the months to come are the products of our labor--an entire season of Stargate: Atlantis, written by talented fans, for the enjoyment of all. Though we came together on one thread, we have striven to keep in line with the nature of the show as it was written by the original staff, meaning we will attempt to construct a season that most fans of Stargate Atlantis can enjoy, no matter what their part of the fandom looks like. One that brings back characters we all miss, provides a continuity of story, and provides all the thrills, laughs, cliffhangers and excitement the original show did.

Come with us, and enjoy Season 6 and more from a fan's perspective. Atlantis Rising: by the fans, for the fans.